Sub Agent Commission Structure

Commission Structure

This agreement recognizes that the Sub-Agents has been accepted as a consultant to represent American Academic Adventures LLC  and Mercan Group to prospective  referral clients.

For the Investor Immigrant USA, Canada and Portugal programs.

American Academic Adventures LLC, Sub-Agents, and Mercan agree that all amounts collected from the client as per the “Retainer Agreement”, “Client Contract” or “Service Agreement” are the exclusive property of Mercan Group.  In no circumstance can the AGENT use the said amounts without Mercan Group’s written authorization.  The AGENT, Sub-Agents and his sub-contractors, and Mercan Group agree that they will each be responsible for their own cost of operation, namely all rental fees, office furniture, fees for publicity and communication, and all salaries.

American Academic Adventures LLC agrees to pay said consultants the following.

Agent Limitations: The Agent or Sub-Agent cannot:

a. Provide immigration advice to the Client.

b. Sign the Retainer Agreement, Client Contract or Service Agreement on behalf of Mercan Group.

c. Alter Mercan Group’s Retainer Agreement, Client Contract or Service Agreement before or after the signing of the Client.

d. Directly or indirectly demand or collect a fee from a client after signing “Retainer Agreement, Client Contract or Service Agreement”, demand or hold a bond on behalf or Mercan Group.  The Agent or Sub-Agent should ensure that all payments, professional or government fees should be paid directly to Mercan Group unless Mercan Group has authorized the Agent or Sub-Agent to collect payment on its behalf, for a specific client(s).

e. Give false, misleading or deceptive information in advertisements, solicitations, negotiations or representations with respect to services provided by Mercan Group.

Category These are the full amounts we will pay our Sub-Agents, Contractor, Friends after we receive our commission from the Mercan Group.

Investor Immigrants to USA———————————–USD $10,000 payable upon transfer of funds to American Academic Adventures

Investor Immigrants to Canada——————————–CDN 10.000 payable upon transfer of funds to American Academic Adventures

Investor Immigrant to Portugal——————————- USD $10,000 payable upon transfer of funds to American Academic Adventures


Contracted Educational Institutions with American Academic Adventures LLC

We pay 50% of these referral fees to our Sub-Agents, Contractors and Friends.  In this regards we treat all sub-agents the same.

Maine Central Institute will pay a 15% Commission for the first academic year regardless of entry date and regardless of the English level of the students.  Students must be under the age of 21 years old.  The tuition will be prorated if students attend a shorter time.  For instance if a student attends one month than we will will split 1.5% if a student attends one semester than we will split 7.5%  This commission will be split equally between American Academic Adventures and the Sub-Agent.  2017-2018 tuition room and board fee of $42,750 or $6,412.50 per student.


Thomas College will pay a $2,000 Referral Fee.  (Paid in 2 installments on September 30th and January 30th)

Thomas College will pay a $2,000 Referral Fee for MBA students payable in the above installments.

Fisher College will pay a $3,000 Referral Fee.  (Paid in 2 installments $2,000 paid on September 30th and $1,000 paid on January 30th)

Fisher College will also pay a $2,000 Referral Fee for MBA students payable in the above installments.

Language Studies International (LSI) —- For students interested in studying English at one of their study centers around the world.  We work with Susol’s Solutions LLC.  For students attending LSI we will split equally– On Group Courses 15% commission on tuition fee.  Individual courses 12% commission on tuition fee and Junior courses 10% commission on tuition fees.


American Academic Adventures Private Programs


Mount Merici Catholic School in Waterville Maine.  American Academic Adventures will pay a $5,000 commission for any 8th graders (13 years old to 14 years old) that participates in the program for 1 years.  American Academic Adventures will pay $2,500 commission if the 8th grader participates in program for 1 semester. The cost of our program is $22,500 per year and this includes Tuition and the student living with a school approved host family.  Students should have high intermediate English level.  The cost for 1 semester is $12,750

Home Stays in Central Maine cost $800 per week or $3,000 per 4 weeks, with a 2 week minimum stay. We pay a Flat $250 commission on any home stay of 2 or more weeks.  Help us design a perfect program for a student you know.

We also write tourist visa invitation letter for our trusted Sub-agents and friends.  Sometime parents ask sub-agents to accompany their children on a home stay trip.

Contracts we are working on:

We hope to soon have contracts that will be for the EB3 USA, Canadian skilled and unskilled workers program soon.

We hope to be a referral agent for the Russian Skyscraper company GORN.  They look for tenants and will pay a percentage on each referral that becomes a sale.  Their home prices range from $500,000 to $12,000,000



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