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International Educational Consulting

Maine Central Institute MCI Maine Central Institute give us a commission of 15% on Room, Board, Tuition cost.  1%  or $412.50 we dedicate to our operational Expense bank account.  This works out to 14% or about $6,000 per student per year!! We split our commission with our Executive Assistant 50% /50% MCI will take students of any English level. The student must be under 21 years old.  After we get paid by MCI we pay you.

International Educational Consulting

Thomas College gives us a commission of $1,000 per semester for the first 2 semesters in undergraduate and MBA programs. We split our commission 50% with our Executive Director after we get paid by Thomas College.  Thomas College gives us an additional $1,000 if our international client stays a second year.  This money $1,000 is put into our operational bank account.

International Educational Consulting

Fisher College in Boston They will pay us a $3,000 Commission.  We would split $2,700 of this commission and put the remaining amount $300 into our operational bank account.  We would split the remaining $2,700  commission with our Executive Director 50%/50%. Fisher College will also pay a $2,000 Commission for MBA student referrals and we will split this $1,800 commission with our sub agent 50%/50% as well.  And $200 would go into American Academic Adventures operational bank account.



International Educational Consulting

Mount Merici Academy—We have our own program that we manage. We pay Mount Merici $9,000. We charge the student $22,0000 The Commission we pay to our Executive Director $4,250.  $1,500 would go into the operational bank account.  $3,000 would be used to manage the students stay with a host family.  and $4,250 would go to American Academic Adventures.  The recruited student must be 13 or 14 years old. The student will be enrolled as an 8th grader at Mount Merici Academy. English level must be intermediate or higher.  This is a Catholic school and is very good with academics.


International Education Consultant

Language Studies Institute Boston




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