Meet the Team

Here are some of the people that help to make American Academic Adventure possible.

Mark D. Fisher

Mark is President of American Academic Adventures LLC. He is a world traveler, citizen diplomat, who has served on many community boards. Since 2003 he has hosted 60+ international students. Currently he focuses on immigrant worker and investor referrals and international student recruitment.

Dimand Hatim Georgees

Executive Assistant Kurdistan Iraq. Dimand teaches English, TOEFL and IELTS at the prestigious British International Institute (BII). We look forward to finding you a College, Boarding School or University in the USA. We offer an immigrant investor EB-5 referral service for those families who wish to seek USA citizenship.

Tony and Kelly Couture

Kelly is a Maine native and has a background in Marketing which started with a bachelors degree at Thomas Business College. Tony and Kelly have a passion for international students and are participants in Global Friends. Kelly assists American Academic Adventures LLC with Marketing consultations and school searches.

Irina Tuterova

Irene is inspirational and hales from the majestic city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She is studying for a bachelor degree at the Saint Petersburg University of Economics. Irene enjoys organizing intellectual games. She assists American Academic Adventures with schools searches and with immigrant investor referrals.

Dmitry Ivonin

Dmitry is a tech savvy native from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is a student in his 2nd year at Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Dmitry studies to be a Full Stack Web Developer. He assist American Academic Adventures with schools searches, immigrant investor referral and foreign trip planning.

Viktoria Skornyakova

Viktoria is a talented English teacher at school #18 in Kotlas Russia. She played a vital role in citizen diplomacy when she brought over 2 high school girls to participate in the Waterville Maine Kotlas Russia sister city program 2012. She plans tours and school searches for American Academic Adventures LLC.

Alexey Popov

Alexey is from Waterville Maine's (USA) sister city of Kotlas Russia. He refereed 2 students from Kotlas when he was in high school! Alexey finished his studies at Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. He assist American Academic Adventures with logistics, school searches and immigrant investor referrals.

Alexey Sokolov

Alexey is a first class, world traveler who hales from Ufa Russia. As a profession he manages a fully staffed law office. He has perfect English abilities and has toured some of the Colleges that we represent. He vacations occasionally at the lake-house in Oakland Maine.

Maksim Vaganov

Maksim attended high school near the lake house and later participated in the USA work and travel program. He is a 2016 graduate of Thomas College MBA program. Max is a native of Chelyabinsk. Moscow is his 2nd home. He assists American Academic Adventures with school searches, planning, and immigrant investor referrals.

Michelle Geaghan

Ace Lingual Executives provides high quality multilingual management for busy entrepreneurs who want to achieve great results. Michelle teaches English to our students and guests on local campuses. She provides counsel and recruitment services.


Work with us!!


We offer a referral fee for each student that you send to us. The referral fee will be sent when the student obtains a visa and pays the full program fee to us. When the student arrives in the USA we will send you a moneygram for $250


We provide special discounts for students from Kotlas Russia.


 Many students from Kotlas Russia have participated in citizen diplomacy exchanges in the past. 




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