Executive Assistant(s)

Immigration Investor Visa EB-5


Letter of Understanding to my Executive Assistant(s);

These documents are applicable to Executive Assistant(s) who help American Academic Adventures LLC find referrals for investor immigration EB-5 or Portugal Golden Visa.  They are also applicable for our recruiting of students for educational institutions. As an Executive Assistant you will be a Sub Contractor of American Academic Adventures LLC.  Your help is needed in locating and forwarding these investors and or students to American Academic Adventures LLC.  We will work together to place these students in educational institutions in the USA.

American Academic Adventures LLC is very generous with sharing commissions with Executive Assistant(s).  Our educational institution and immigration investment commissions are split 50%|50%.  In instances where a 3rd party is involved we will split our commissions 1/3% by 1/3% by 1/3%  We split the advertising cost 50%/50% with expectation of being reimbursed after the first commission is received in September of 2018 or earlier with investor immigration commissions.

In the conflict zone of Erbil Iraq we offer $110 payable on November 15th, $110 payable on December 1st, $110 payable on December 15th and $110 payable on January 2nd.  By January 2nd we have an expectation that an IELTS /TOEFL language school will be bringing in enough money so that we would not have to continue the salary. Students from the IELTS/TOEFL Language school will be forwarded to Fisher College Boston, Maine Central Institute MCI, Mount Merici  8th grade,and Thomas College.  The expectation is also that we will find one family in Erbil that wishes to invest $500,000 (plus about $75,000 in fees) to become USA citizens over a 4 year period (This is USA citizenship for entire family and the $500,000 is returned to the family after 4 year).

We do put a certain amount of money from each client into American Academic Adventures operational bank account.  This money is used to cover expenses and the amounts and examples are listed in our employee contract. For example;-

Taxes, Bonuses, Gifts, Promotional Items, Executive Assistant or representative visiting the USA to see the Educational Institutions that are represented in Maine and in Boston. A trip for the President to meet students and clients in our service areas and lastly Scholarships.

The Immigrant investor commissions are paid in a lump some within 30 days after we get paid.  It is our goal to pay you as soon as we get paid.

We pay our commissions to our Executive Director(s) after we get paid.  Students and Investors must pay for their programs. After payments, visas are issued, payment is received by the educational institution and investors and students are vested, then the investor institution (Mercan Group) and Educational Institutions will send a commission payment to American Academic Adventures LLC.  If the student does not pay the educational institution and or does not attend classes and or is not paid in full for first year, than we do not get paid.  Most students pay in full before the start of classes.

When American Academic Adventures receives a payment we forward the stated share of payment to the Executive Assistant, within 30 days (Typically within 1 week, as soon as possible).

As an Executive Assistant I offer you a free place to stay in the USA. Free tourist or educational visa invitation letters to you and your representative.

I also offer knowledge and support whenever questions arise.

I look forward to working with you.  Let us help these students and investor families realize their dreams of Citizenship through investment or Education.  If I can be of any help to you please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest Regards, from Maine USA!!


Mark Fisher–


American Academic Adventures LLC

1 207 313 3358




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