Russia June 2017 President Mr. Mark Fisher meets with Russian models at the Petroff Palace Diplomatic Service Event-Exhibition

We represent over 50 educational institutions. High Schools, Boarding Schools, Colleges and Universities. For students that have basic proficiency in English and who want to study in USA or abroad.

Heritage and University Touring.

Prices between $7,000 and $3,750 depending on group size and based on a one month stay. 

This is a two or more week program, where students visit various universities and historical sites and major cities in the USA for one week.  Students also spend one or more weeks with a host family in Maine.  We provide a cultural educational experience in addition to learning English.

Mark Ilya and Jon NYCMax and Me at the White House 2015

Anton and Me on Ellis IslandAnton and Alexander Brooklyn Bridge

  • Please refer to our Home Stay Page for Package pricing.

  • Home Stay

  • To stay 4 weeks the fee is $7,000  This fee includes a one week heritage and university touring.

  • The fee for a group of 2 is $5,250 per person and includes a one week heritage and university touring.

  • The fee for a group of 3 is $4,700 per person and includes a one week heritage and university touring. 

  • The fee for a group of 4 is $4,150 per person and includes a one week heritage and university touring.

  • The fee for a group of 5 or 6 is $3,750 per person and includes a one week heritage and university touring.

  • We accept pay-pal, western union and money gram.  Visa must be obtained before we accept payment.

  • Home stay are available all year long including Christmas and New Years.


A full day in Boston.


Overnight two day trip to Boston.

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Alexey Minin from Kotlas Russia in Boston  

  • Arrive in Boston mid-morning.

  • Time permitting we will tour, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Quincy Market, Fanueil Hall, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, Prudential Center, New England Aquarium, Charleston Navy Yard National Park, Boston Common Park and JFK Museum.

  • We will leave Boston in the evening and arrive home around 11 pm.

  • Our 2 day overnight trip to Boston  cost $375

  • A day trip to Boston is 8 hours of touring and cost $250, Museum entrance fees extra

  • Food, subway, bus, hotel, escort, water taxi included


Summer Camps.

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Maksim Vaganov volunteers 90 hours atCamp Tracy YMCA.

  • The State of Maine has many Summer camps to choose from, furthermore we also have Winter camps and day camps.

  • Live at the lake house and spend the day at Camp while learning English in the evening with your host family.

  • Camps price range from $1,000 per week  up to $2,500 per week. 

  • We will help the student find the perfect host family.


Acadia National Park.

Fun Town Splash Town USA and Old Orchard Beach.

  • Acadia National Park and Fun Town Splash Town USA/Old Orchard Beach are located 2 hours from Oakland Maine.

  • The cost of these trips are $200 per person and includes admission, food,  travel and tour guide.


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    Alexander Shatscov from Ukriane visit to Acadia National Park.                                     

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    Beksultan (Beka) Ibraimov at the Anemone Sea Cave, Acadia National Park August 2016

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow tubing, Tobogganing and Hiking.

  • The Appalachian mountains are located about 1 hour from the lake house.  The mountains are great for hiking May to October.

  • About 1 hour away is Sugarloaf Mountain.  In this place Olympians ski and all are welcome.  Skiing is from December to April 30th.  Consequently when the snow melts, hiking season begin.

  • Within an 1 hours drive of the lake house are many mountains of various sizes.

  • Tobogganing at the Camden Snow Bowl.  The town of Camden is home of  the U.S. National Tobogganing championship and located on the Atlantic ocean. Camden is famous for its harbor, mountains and lighthouse. 


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A visit with Maksim Vaganov to an alpine lake in the Maine mountains, summer 2012.

Horseback Riding    

  • Since we have the best horseback riding trails in central Maine and most noteworthy is Crown in Shield Farms.  Crown in Shield Farms will give horseback trail riding lessons to our students.  Especially relevant is their 100 acre horse farm and Horseback Riding.

    many miles of trails.  Crown in Shield Farms is located less than a mile from the Snow Pond Academy of the Arts, not far from the shore of Messalonskee Lake.


Drivers Education.


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Maksim Vaganov, 2012

  • Student that wish to take a drivers education class may take it through Messsalonskee Driving School, located less than 3 miles from the lake house.

  • Drivers education includes 10 hours of driving time and 30 hours of class time, with a professional instructor. 

  • Students must be at least 15 years of age and in addition have written parental permission to attend driver education classes.

  • The classes last 3 weeks and the cost is about $500 per student.


Free Local Tours of High Schools, Boarding Schools, Universities and Colleges.

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Alexey Minin from Kotlas Russia visits Colby College

  • Our local tours include Thomas College, Colby College Kennebec Valley Community College Snow Pond Arts Academy, Temple Academy, Maine Central Institute and area High Schools.

  •      While touring we will visit local libraries, museums, student centers, and sports facilities.

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    Student travelers from Kotlas Russia.  April 2015


    Work with us!!

    We offer a referral fee for each student that you send to us. The referral fee will be sent when the student obtains a visa and pays the full program fee to us. When the student arrives in the USA we will send you a moneygram for $250


  • We provide special discounts for students from Kotlas Russia.

  •  Many students from Kotlas Russia have participated in citizen diplomacy exchanges in the past.

  • Waterville Maine is sister cities with Kotlas Russia.

Our Featured High School is Maine Central Institute MCI

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